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This website aims to share many experiences of playing video games, teaching about games from a personal point of view, avoiding factual and usual views to bring fresh opinions of various games.

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System shock 2

The sequel to the first game in this fantastic series is definitely one of the greatest, innovative and creative games from the nineties. While it could be called just simply an FPS, it can be extensively derived as a First person shooter horror role-playing survival game. You play as a surviving soldier on a spaceship

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Valorant – a CS killer?

On 20th June 2020, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, released a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter by the name of ‘Valorant’. The main theme of the game is the classic 5v5 bomb-plant scenario as most of us would be familiar with since the era of CS1.6 introduction. However, some people tend to

Halflife – frist approach

Yes, I know, this game has been around for a veeeery long time but it was my first time to try it out, just as a test to approaching the classic FPSs. HalfLife in its first incarnation was a really defining piece of engineering and created a stream of followers. It is now my turn

Stats, links, references

So which game is most popular? most played? who plays it? I don’t like to discover games on my own. I’d rather have some pioneers do the scouting for me and I jump in. There is so much information available on the internet it is dizzying and this is the idea behind the iplayedthisgame.com it

Happy Deus Ex bDay

So apparently it was 20 years ago to the day today when Eidos Interactive published Ion Storms’ Deus Ex. This first person shooter – adventure – rpg started what became a series of games much touted till this day by many in the gaming world. Not to mention the inspiration it was for future generations

Deus ex 1

The first installment in the Deus Ex series, released in mid 2000 is a role-playing shooter set on earth in a sci-fi future that suffers from a deadly plague. You play as J.C. Denton, with a selection of various skills, a technologically augmented human-robot. The game begins with you working for UNATCO, hunting down terrorists

good games bad games

what is the reason for playing games Assassin creed is full of bloody depictions of merciless crimes (or at least that is what one would be convicted to, had he slid some other man’s throat, the world was different in the olden days). CS:GO is all about shooting people and splatters appearing around the head


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