I played this game

Thanks for joining us (Bustrex & HowardRoark)!

I played this game is for those of us who enjoy a good game play as part of their entertainment, personal life and pastime activity. You see, some people enjoy going to the movies, some spend considerable amounts of time binge watching tv series streamed through the latest and greatest online service. There are opera lovers, and maybe some of makers around us prefer a small project, creating something out of wood or paper. Others still write blogs or watch theatre or musical performance on West End.

I enjoy game play. For all the concerned, I do believe that there is more than meets the eye in playing video games. The interactive activity combines several traits of other entertainment pleasures available to us. You can watch it (like a TV show), you can interact with the gameplay, as prescribed by a game direction (like in the movies), you can and often do, interact with the gameplay to change the protagonist’s actions (a little like creating your own project). The world of electronic games and entertainment is only in it’s early stages (this text was originally written in 2018).


some other motley thoughts

  • …use time wisely ;
  • stay in comfort of your own chair or move to special location to socialize;
  • with friends or alone;
  • with remote friends as easy as next door neighbor.

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