how much is too much

Give freedom!

Books are most important!

Sport suffers, computers cannot supplement sport!

so how much is too much ? In our family we made some rules but not too many. Grades at school cannot suffer from gameplay driven neglect. They do not have to be tops either, though (well, I wasn’t exactly a straight-A student myself), since in my mind the ability to live and the ability to excel in every school activity do not always come hand in hand. typically after a few weeks of binge play, kids come to realization that some restrain is useful and self-restrain is most effective.

How much is too much ? Typically they will impose on themselves to only play on weekends (does our ‘we do not drink wine during weekdays’ help ?) or when the homework is totally all done. Play still overtakes the emotions completely but at least it is self directed and self controlled which i value highest.



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