Happy Deus Ex bDay

So apparently it was 20 years ago to the day today when Eidos Interactive published Ion Storms’ Deus Ex. This first person shooter – adventure – rpg started what became a series of games much touted till this day by many in the gaming world. Not to mention the inspiration it was for future generations of games like CS:GO , GTA and the like.

gameplay. So ok, I’ll admit this – someone will need to explain to me the gameplay. Also directing was pretty spectacular as was the music. So – what is the story and game play?

Music. the music has survived the test of time pretty well. There are enhanced versions floating around the net and a set of new remixed and remastered melodies have popped up.

Deus Ex 20th Anniversary Remix Album Announced | The Nerd Stash
not a bad picture – I’d buy a game with graphics on the box .. if we were buying boxes

it was released on Win and soon thereafter on Macs , with the console version arriving some 2 yrs later. Interestingly, nintendo fans were made to wait full 15 years (fifteen ! yes, I know, crazy) for their version/port.

Stil excited to play the game? why? why not?

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