Stats, links, references

So which game is most popular? most played? who plays it? I don’t like to discover games on my own. I’d rather have some pioneers do the scouting for me and I jump in. There is so much information available on the internet it is dizzying and this is the idea behind the it starts with an ‘I’, meaning real played game.

Which of the games are in fact worth playing, I was wondering. I started looking for best resources but actually this problem turns out to be not so trivial. We use a number of sources to get some comparative information.

here is a couple of useful sites with gaming statistics and links to gaming sites.

Some stats pages

And here some other links that I will keep updated and curated.

ok, this does not really belong to the blog section but to some kind of sidebar … working on it…

Great blog from Aaron Bush about the financial part of gaming worlds.

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