5 Key Ingredients

1. Gameplay

How the game feels is necessary for the player to enjoy playing, and to create an experience that does not become stale or irritating.

2. Story

Just like a book, any game needs to hook the player into the world and make them curious of how the story goes. The game should develop the characters and the plot over time to give the player lore as to not create boredom.

3. Music

An aspect that contributes to the game’s atmosphere, and if used well, immerses you in the world that you play in.

4. Design

Of course, the graphics do not determine the greatness of a game, but a good game design can drastically impact how the game is experienced, whether it is attention to detail or map design.

5. Significance

How do games impact games for the future? What new features do games bring to be an influential piece of work? What importance do games have in the gaming world? Can games be more replayable than others?

After examining a game we rate the intensity of each ingredient out of 5 points, and with these 5 ingredients we establish a final Tasty rating that ranks out of a total of 25 available points, with, of course, a suitable comment.